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Set many years in the future, the crew of the starship Nistromo awake early from cryo sleep to find that Mother is receiving a distress beacon. The crew lands on the planet to investigate and finds an alien ship filled with hundreds of alien eggs. One of which hatches and a face hugger attaches to Kane. They bring Kane back on board and consequently bring the alien with him. Once it burst from Kaneís chest, it escapes and the crew begins to hunt it down. However, they are the ones who get hunted. Ripley, the only one left alive escapes to the life pod and destroys the ship. But the alien escaped with her. She must then open the airlock to the life pod and blow it into space. She then enters cryo sleep once more for the journey home.

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Kane: Rise and shine, Lambert.

Lambert: [off screen] What time is it?

Kane: What do you care?

The Alien Transmission

The following scene occurs right after Dallas briefs his crew on the Alien transmission. Before approaching the planet, Lambert plots the course, gets a reading on the planet, and receives the alien signal. This was dropped in favor of moving the action to the planet as quickly as possible.

Lambert Confronts Ripley

In this scene, which takes place as Dallas and Ash first examine the facehugger, Lambert confronts Ripley for refusing to admit the search party back aboard the ship. This heated scene was dropped, leaving an undertone of tension between the two women that remains unspecified in the final version.

Kane's Condition

After the danger involving the acid has passed, the crew returns to the Autodoc for further discussion. While providing a hint at Kane's forthcoming fate, it was eliminated as being an extraneous conversation.

Ripley and Parker

As Parker and Brett make repairs to the ship, Ripley calls down to check on their progress. This scene further vocalizes the tension between Ripley and Parker.

Planning the Search

After the surprise appearance of the chest burster, the crew convenes in the now cleaned-up mess to discuss their next course of action. This conversation was also deemed extraneous in favor of going directly to Kane's funeral, followed by the beginning of the search.

A Quick Glimpse

For Brett's death, the film substitutes a quick insert in lieu of the dripping blood that was originally shot. Also, the scene originally ran longer to show Parker and Ripley running into the landing leg chamber in time to glimpse the alien escaping into the air vent.

Ripley Reassures Lambert

After Dallas' death, Ripley has this short exchange with Lambert. This scene existed in the script in several variations, but as filmed, it serves as an uneasy reconciliation for the earlier conflict between the two women as well as indicating Ripley's suspicions about Ash and a casual attitude toward sex.

Lambertís Death

A longer drawn out version of Lambertís death scene. (No sound)

The Cocoon Sequence

This is ALIEN's most talked-about deleted sequence because it provides an otherwise undisclosed insight into the life cycle of the creature. After discovering the bodies of Parker and Lambert and realizing that she is alone, Ripley makes a startling discovery.

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