Plot Synopsis

After a face hugger interrupts the cryo-sleep, the ship crashes on a maximum-security planet called Fury 161. The alien escapes the crash alive and attaches to a dog, resulting in a new form of alien. Ripley, the only human survivor of the crash must co-exist with the inmates until help arrives. But The Alien begins killing the prisoners and soon Ripley must face the Alien once more. She soon finds however, that she has an alien queen inside her. Facing her own death and the alien, she fights the alien with the help of the inmates. After it kills everyone except Morse, Aaron 85, and Ripley they kill it with the use of hot lead and water. (An explosive combination.) Once the company arrives, Aaron tries to be a hero but gets killed in the process. Then Ripley makes the ultimate sacrifice by taking a back flip into the furnace killing the queen inside her as well.


Sulaco Survivors / Company Employees

• Lt. Ripley

• Michael Bishop II

• Bishop

• Hicks

• Newt

• The Company Man


Fury 161 Custodial Staff

• Andrews

• Francis Aaron (85)

• Leonard Dillon

• Jonathan Clemens

• Robert Morse

• Ted "JUNIOR" Gillas

• Thomas Murphy

• Walter Golic

• Daniel Rains

• Edward Boggs

• David - Pete Postlethwaite

• Alan Jude

• Frank

• Troy

• Gregor

• Arthur

• Eric

• Kevin

• William


Alien Profile

• Face Hugger

• Chest Burster

• Alien Warrior

• Alien Queen



Alien 3: Editor’s Work Print

Although there really is no such thing as an Alien 3: Special Edition, there is a version of it available now on DVD & Bluray.

Extra Scenes

• Clemens is walking on the shore and stumbles upon the wreckage of the EEV and Ripley's burned body, lying in the mud (Photos above). This scene is not included in all of the extra editions but is seen in the advance teaser trailer for Alien3. Clemens then carries Ripley back to the infirmary.

• An ox is used to drag the EEV onto the shore and is used by the facehugger as a host. This super facehugger (photo above) is discovered my Murphy and becomes the first victim much like the regular edition of the move.

• Boggs and Rains are complaining in the cafeteria to Dillon about how Golic stinks and is crazy as a loon but Dillon says that he may be crazy but he is stuck in there with the rest of them so they better just accept it and do the work.

• In the scene where Clemens is having a little talk with Andrews, they later talk about what Ripley was doing on the EEV and try to conjuncture but neither of them know anything yet.

• Still covered in blood after the Alien killed Boggs and Rains, Golic sits in the cafeteria eating and Andrews comes in to find him. Leaves quickly to get help from the other prisoners. They then capture him and drag him into the infirmary kicking and screaming.

• When Ripley and Clemens are in the infirmary (shortly before Clemens' death) Golic is talking to Ripley and says "In an insane world, a sane man must appear insane." And as a witty response Clemens says "That's very profound Golic."

• This is a MAJOR scene that was taken out. Here it is in sections:

• It happens right after the fire; the prisoners succeed with their plan of capturing the Alien with Junior losing his life while luring it into the chamber. And two prisoners stand guard outside the chamber just incase it was to escape.

• Ripley and 85 transmit a message to the company telling them they had caught it.

• There is then a funeral for the prisoners that were killed during the fire where Dillon gives another speech.

• After they transmitted a message to the company, Ripley and 85 have a little talk while they observe the sermon.

• Later, Morse and Golic are talking and Golic believes the Alien to be a god that should be set free, so he knocks out Morse and escapes.

• Golic then kills the guards and opens the chamber releasing the alien.

• The moment the chamber is opened, the alien kills Golic for his good deed.

• Ripley and Dillon are talking about what will happen with the alien.

• Morse tells Dillon that the alien escaped.

• 85 is upset that the alien is loose and blames it on Morse.

• When Ripley goes to Dillon to try to get him to kill her, there is a line where Dillon says "Go kill yourself."

• Dillon’s original pep talk.

• A prisoner yelling that the alien is pissed off.

• Dillon tells everyone to get back to their doors.

• Death of prisoner with the scissors.

• When the company arrives and 85 greets them at the door, he spots that the company is carrying a cage for the alien and he says that they will need a bigger cage.

• Ripley wants to die but Dillon won't let her.

• Right before Riley turns on the sprinklers she says "For the last time."

• Bishop is talking to Ripley

• He tries to convince her to come with them.

• He practically begs her to come.

• Ripley turns the tables on Bishop.

• After Aaron hits Bishop with the bar, Bishop feels his ear, gets blood on his hand and yells to Ripley saying it was blood proving he was indeed human and not an android.


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