Plot Synopsis 

Fourth film in the series, and set on a large starship heading for Earth. 200 years after the events in the last film, and the galaxy has become a different place. A team of bounty hunters have been hired to kidnap people in cryosleep and take them aboard a giant starship. Scientists onboard use the bodies to grow the Alien creatures inside and keep the specimens locked up. In a bold experiment, they create a clone of Ripley and remove the alien queen from inside her. The clone, complete with Ripley's memories, tries assessing her humanity as the experiment has merged some of the alien DNA with her own, giving her a sixth sense about the creatures. Trouble strikes when the aliens break out of their captivity and overrun the ship, causing the scientists to panic and set the ship's course for Earth hoping the military will stop it. Ripley teams up with a group of bounty hunters, scientists and military men to reach the mercenaries shuttle which is on the other side of the alien-infested starship, and somehow destroy it before it reaches Earth. 


Character Profile

Ellen Ripley (clone)

Annalee Call



Dr. Gediman

General Perez

Dr. Wren








Alien Profile


Face Hugger

Chest Burster

Alien Warrior

Alien Queen



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