"Some places in the universe, you don't go alone."


Hudson, Burke, Crowe, Dietrich, Vasquez, Wierzbowski, Hicks, Ripley,

Drake, Frost, Spunkmeyer, Bishop, Gorman, Ferro, Apone


Plot Synopsis

After 57 years of floating through the solar system, a salvage ship stumbles upon the Nostromo’s life pod and Ripley still asleep inside. After recovering in the hospital, she must face a board of inquest and she is held accountable for the crew of the Nostromo. News soon reaches the company that they have lost contact with the colony on LV-426. Ripley is sent in with a squad of colonial marines to investigate. They find the colony destroyed and only one survivor, a little girl named Newt who escaped through the air ducts. After most of the marines are killed by the aliens, the ones that are left make plans to leave and nuke the planet from orbit, however they soon find that the colonies reactor will do it for them. They must just escape before it does. In the race against time, only Ripley, Newt, Hicks and Bishop make it out alive but they accidentally bring the alien queen with them. After it splits Bishop in half, it turns on Newt and Ripley. Ripley then fights the queen with a cargo mover, opens the airlock and blows it into space. The three and a half survivors get into cryo pods for the trip home.


Weyland - Yutani Company Employee Profile


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Alien Profile


Aliens: Special Edition

• Ripley’s Daughter

Ripley is sitting on a park bench in a holo-room and Burke comes in wanting to discuss the upcoming inquest, but Ripley wants to know of the fate of her daughter Amy.

• Inquest

The inquest's decision that Ripley is not ready for flight duty.

• LV-426 - Hadley’s Hope

This scene shows the colony in complete working order before the Aliens attack.

• LV-426 - Russ Jordan Family

Newt and her parents find the Derelict ship from Alien.

• LV-426 - The Facehugger

Facehugger attack on Russ Jordan

• Inside Sulaco

You see a drawn out scene of the inside of the Sulaco much like the scene inside the Nostromo in Alien.

• Hudson

Hudson on the drop ship is bragging that he is the "ultimate bad ass" and he will protect Ripley with all the wonderful armory they are carrying.

• Enter colony

Ripley is hesitant about entering the colony because she knows what she will find.

• Salvage

Hicks does an inventory of what they salvaged from the wreckage.

• Testing

Vasquez and Huson test out the sentry guns.

• Hallway

The sentry guns stand guard in the silent hallway.

• Newt Bed

Newt asks "Where do babies come from?"

• Bad ass queen

Hudson compares the queen they have yet to see, to a queen ant or bee.

• Aliens Testing Sentry Guns

The Aliens test out the sentry guns with no success.

• Name exchange

Before Riply leaves to find Newt, she exchanges first names with Hicks.


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