The greatest band on earth: BlackHawk


Your Own Little Corner Of My Heart

After all this time I guess I finally made it through

All the darkness to the point of being over you

Now and then my mind runs into your

old memory

But it ain't quite as big a deal as it used to be


Now I know even though you're not here

You will never be too far away

Anywhere, you'll be there

Like a whisper inside me each and every day

If I win, if I lose, you will always

play a small part

Like a flame, you'll remain in

Your own little cornerof my heart


I thought every kiss you gave me time

would just erase

I waited for the day they'd disappear without a trace

Finally I realized that even though you're gone

There'll always be an ember of you

burning on and on




Who Am I Now

If someone asked me who I was

I'd respond in terms of us

It's hard to recall the day

When I didnt think that way

I was one half of you and me

That was my identity



Who am I nkow, now that you're gone

gotta find out I gotta be strong

When I had you I had no doubt

I was the one you loved

Who am I now


Every room that I walk through

I see a world that's based on tows

Every friend we ever knew

I wonder now whose friend is whose

Like some gohst come through that door

Someone we all knew before




I will survive


But I dont know how, now that you're gone

Gotta find out I gotta be strong

When I had you I had no doubt

I was the one you loved

Who am I now


Now that you're gone

Gotta find out I gotta be strong

When I had you I had no doubt

I was the one you loved

Who am I now


There You Have It

You’re the kind of woman, I've been dreaming of.

But I never thought I could ever say it

good enough

to win your love


You probably think I'm foolish

you'll probably tell me so

I'll open up my heart then you're probably

going to tell me no

but here I go


I want to give you all I've got inside

I want to love you for the rest of my life



There I've done it, there I've said it

There you have it, I don't regret it

I'd give you my love in a minute

If you want it, come and get it

There I've done it, there I've said it

There you have it.


This is confidential, I never told a soul

Every time I see you, feel my heart

begin to loose control

And all I know


Is I'm feeling something I've never felt

I want to be with you and nobody else




In My Heart of Hearts

Jenny told Tom that she was leavin'

Never thought it would come to that

Can't you almost feel that ol' ground shake

All the way from where they're at


We've had our share of ups and downs

Words that come out wrong somehow

but that don't mean a thing cause



In my heart of hearts

What I'm really feelin'

Is a never-ending

Lve you can believe in

Girl you're all that matters

In my heart of hearts


It wouldn't be love without the hard times

That's what makes a good love grow

Feelings are all too often hidden

Out of sight where they don't always show


try not to give it a second thoguht

Heaven knows just where we are

In spite of words unsaid 'cause




Sometimes in this busy world we share

I go round and round like I don't care 'cause




Nobody Knows What To Say

The neighbor next door just barely

say good mornin'

the boys down at work didnt ask me

to stop for a beer

I guess they heard 'bout me and you

Nothin' spreads like real bad news

'Cause the silence is loud and clear



Nobody knows what to say

they just stare at their shoes

And make up an excuse to turn and walk away

Nobody knows what to say

'Cause you just don't up and lose

the love of a lifetime everyday

Since you took your love away

Nobody knows what to say


We were the ones everyone said would last forever

We had the kind of love people talked about

Ever since you said goodbye

They don't wanna see a grown man cry

So my world's awful quiet now




6. Goin' Down Fightin'



The word I've heard is you're a real heartbreaker

And it is a mtter of time 'til I get burned

Well that might be right

'Cause when I'm holdin' you tight

I feel your temperature rise

I see right through you disguise

I found what I want and now I won't give up



I'm goin' down, I'm goin' down fightin'

Nobody's ever gonna say I took it on the chin

I've been around and I know what I'm up against

Girl we're not playin' a game that I can't win

I'm goin' down fightin'


Mistakes, bad breaks, a history of heartaches

Ain't enough to make me walk away

I'm here, no fear

And even though I know we're

On the edge of real disaster

But I'm sure of what I'm after

The harder I fall the faster I get up




We're bound by this love that we made

I swear girl I'm not afraid

Whatever it takes I'm never gonna give up on you





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7. Walkin' on Water



Ain't it funny how a woman can change

a man overnight

From a natural born rebel to a


All it took was one look in your eyes... now



I'm a new man walkin', you can write it in stone

You made me a believer once and for all

Well, I used to be honky tonk trouble

I'm leavin' those days behind me on the double

With an angel like you in my corner

I'm tradin runnin' on whiskey for walkin' on water


I used to set 'em up, drink 'em down, make my

rounds going strong

Makin' noise with the boys, gettin' wild past the

break of dawn

Now those rip and roarin' days are gone




All those party friends of mine

Say I'm mighty hard to find these days

Well, that might be true, but its all because of you

I've learned to live it up a better way,

right beside you





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8. Always Have, Always Will



I used to think that love was just for dreamers

That fate and destiny played no part

But finding you has made me a believer

That we were meant to be right from the start



Before the sun and moon starts

We put there in the sky

Before the mountains stood tall

Above this world so high

I loved you then, I love you now

And I'll love you until

Always have, always will


Before the light broke through the dark

You were the candle in my heart

Before the dawn of time

I was yours and you were mine





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9. When I Find It, I'll Know



Gotta trust my instincts

They seem to know what's best

Whatever anyone else thinks

That's up to them I guess

No cheap imitations

No blind invitations

Can't say waht it's supposed to be

But one thing I can guarantee



When I find it, I'll know it

I'll feel it I'll let that feeling take me

Anywhere It wants to go

And it mgiht be easy to describe it


But I believe when I find it

I'll know it's love


They say this painting is a work of art

But it just doesn't move me,

it doesn't touch my heart

Can't say what's missing, it's like an empty kiss

The passion's just not there

but I know somebody, somewhere




Can't say what it's supposed to be

But one thing I can guarantee





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10. Think Again



If you think I'll just be sittin' here waiting

That'll be there the next time you come home

You better take a long hard look in the mirror

'Cause that image of yourself might be gone

If you wonder if there's some way you can fix it

Well you better just start searching somewhere else

'Cause it's time for me to go out and start over

And do a little searching for myself



You better think again

Think it over one more time

If you think you'll change my mind

You're dreaming

'Cause it's my heart that's on the line

You better think again

You pushed your luck one too many times

If you think I'll be on the losing end

You better think again


There must be something you can say

That will change things

That I'll believe you like so many times before

That goodbye don't mean exactly what it sounds like

And that I'm not really walking out that door





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11. The Last Time



I can tell you're afraid to move any closer

You say you've learned your lesson before

And you're sure

You won't risk your love anymore


Even though all of this may seem so familiar

He broke your heart but you'll see

It will be

Different for you and me

'Cause that was then

Never again



That was the last time you'll ever have to

say goodbye

That was the last door you'll ever have to close

and cry behind

The last night you'll ever have to live through

Ask why love would up and leave you lonely

You'll never watch me walk away

That's the last time that you'll have to say goodbye


Let me try I can make it more than a promise

Please don't let our love lose to fear

Don't be scared

There's nothing to hurt you here

'Cause that was then

Never again






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