Dave Robbins

Dave Robbins, was born in Atlanta, Georgia and raised in an Atlanta suburb called Forest Park. At the young age of six, Dave began piano lessons, an event that would be the forerunner for his musical journey ahead.

Growing up, one of Dave's best memories was of the Sears console stereo in the living room, where every night his dad would put five or six albums on the turn table for them to go to sleep by. Also he would listen to and watch the Glen Campbell Show every week. He especially loved the strings and production used on the song "Wichita Lineman" and was undoubtedly one of Dave's biggest and earliest influences.

During his high school years he performed in a Gospel group, and listened to music by artists like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Aerosmith, and Kansas. To this day, Dave still

At age 18 he moved out and went to Truett-McConnell College where he majored in piano and graduated with an Associates Degree. In during college he worked for Burger King, Winn-Dixie, and a landscaping business where he would clean pools and paint houses. He later moved to Nashville, TN where he studied the music business program at Belmont University. Shortly after his move to Nashville in 1979, the House of Gold Publisher, Bob Montgomery introduced him to a staff writer named Van Stephenson. Soon after Dave was also signed on as a staff writer for the House of Gold. This move paid off four years later when Dave co-wrote two big hits released the same week; "All My Life" by Kenny Rogers, and "Everybody's Dream Girl" by Dan Seals.

In 1984, Dave co-wrote 5 songs on Van's solo album "Righteous Anger" including the title track and the ballad, "Heart Over Mind". And then again in 1986 he co-wrote "Dancing With Danger" which appeared on Van's last solo album "Suspicious Heart"

Then in the early 90's Dave and Van decided to pursue an artist deal, at which time the head of Arista-Nashville, Tim DuBois recommended they join with Henry Paul. The three began songwriting and discovered they had a unique sound and were then signed to Arista as a country music trio.

On BlackHawk's fourth album, "The Sky's The Limit", Dave finally sang lead on the song "Always Have, Always Will" which is a ballad he alone wrote and dedicated to his wife Mary Lynn.


Guitar Pick

Guitar pick from: Wildhorse Saloon, April 30, 1999

Biography Statistics:

FULL NAME: Charles David Robbins

DATE OF BIRTH: May 26, 1959



FATHER: W.E. Robins, Jr.

MOTHER: Margaret B. Robbins

WIFE: Mary Lynn Robbins

Dave and Mary Lynn

ANNIVERSARY: August 4, 1979


David Robbins (12-22-85)

Trey Robbins (5-21-89)

Dave, Mary Lynn, David, and Trey




COUNTRY INFLUANCES: Glen Campbell, Kenny Rogers, Ronnie Milsap


"Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you."

1 Peter 5:7 (NIV)


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