Henry Paul

Henry was born in Kingston, NY but was raised on his grandfather's farm in Polk Country, Florida (west of Tampa). The Cuban and Puerto Rican migrant farm workers taste for salsa music influenced Henry's taste for music. But during the mid 60's his music taste turned to more of a country/rock style like Johnny Cash, Johnny Horton, and Mere Haggard. Even today, Henry has a collection of over 35 mint condition Haggard records.

Henry's first music gig was at age 17 in a local coffee house. After high school, he moved to New York in hopes of a recording career with no success. He moves back to Tampa in 1971 and starts a country rock band called Sienna. No music ever came from his days in Sienna, so once it came to an end, Henry joined Outlaws along with Sienna drummer, Monte Yoho (who had already been in the Outlaws once before in the late 60's, filling in after David Dix had left the band).

In 1972 The Outlaws were still just a small local 4 piece band that toured for about 8 months. Then in 1973, Billy Jones, joins the group and the Outlaws are complete. The tour the local club scene until the spring of 1975 when Arista Records president Clive Davis signs them to their first record deal. In March of 1975 the group releases their first self titled album "Outlaws". On the album Henry does lead on 3 of the more countryish songs including "Knoxville Girl" among others. The next year they release their follow-up album "Lady In Waiting" in which Henry does lead vocals on 3 more songs. Then in August of 1977 after the release of their third album "Hurry Sundown", Henry leaves the band to have a solo career.

Soon after he leaves the Outlaws, the Henry Paul Band is signed to a four record deal with Atlantic. Their debut album's title track "Grey Ghost" is unofficially dedicated to Lynyrd Skynrd's lead singer Ronnie Van Zandt who had died in a plane crash in 1977. In 1980, Monte Yoho leaves the Outlaws and joins the Henry Paul band for their second album called "Feel The Heat" which has a much harder edge than their previous debut album which was much more southern rock. It's on the second album in which the band has their biggest hit "Longshot" (which by the way does not have Henry doing lead vocals). Monte then leaves the group, and in 1981 they release their third album "Anytime". This album has a mixture of almost every type of music; from the rock songs like "Hollywood Paradise" to the pop songs like the cover of the old Van Morrison song "Brown Eyed Girl" to the country sounding "Distant Riders". The last album put out by the band was the self titled album "Henry Paul" in 1982, but unfortunately it receives very little air play.

After the Henry Paul Band breaks up, Henry reunites with Hughie Thomasson in 1986 and they release the Outlaws reunion album "Soldiers Of Fortune". The tour to promote the album is rather unsuccessful; they are unable to fill the arenas. And so this marks the end of the Outlaws.

Somewhere around 1989, Henry starts a new band called the Vereens , however no albums were ever made. There are rumors that demo may exist somewhere, but the will most likely be buried forever.

Then in 1990, Henry heads back to Nashville to get back in touch with his country roots. It is there in which Tim DuBois, president of Arista-Nashville, gets him together with the songwriting team of Van Stephenson and Dave Robbins. Together they begin diligently writing songs for the newly formed band. Around 1992-93 they begin a small tour where they go by the name FireHawk. It is not until 1993 when Van sees the name "BlackHawk Painting" written on the side of a truck that they rename the band BlackHawk. And so in 1994 after much work, they release their debut self titled album "BlackHawk" which goes on to become a double platinum success. Soon after they release the platinum album "Strong Enough" in 1995. Then in 1997 the group released their third album "Love & Gravity" which did not meet the expectations of country radio. However in 1998 they released their current album "The Sky's The Limit" which contains the top 5 hit "There You Have It" that put the band back on top.

Who knows what the future holds for Henry and the other members of BlackHawk? But with their talent in singing and songwriting, the sky truly is the limit.

Biography Statistics:


DATE OF BIRTH: August 25, 1949



FATHER: Henry Paul, Jr.

MOTHER: Helen E. Collier

WIFE: Jeanne Paul

ANNIVERSARY: May 22, 1974


Lorraine Paul (3-1-77)

Victoria Paul (11-2-79)

Henry Paul IV (4-1-84)


INSTRUMENTS: Guitar, Mandolin


COUNTRY INFLUANCES: Johnny Cash, Mere Haggard, & Johnny Horton

OTHER INFLUANCES: Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Jerry Lee Lewis, & The Allman Brothers


Band Name


Band Members



HP, Jim Fish, Sean Emmitt, Ray Gerber, & Monte Yoho



HP, Hughie Thomasson, Billy Jones, Frank O'Keefe, Harvey Dalton Arnold, & Monte Yoho

Henry Paul Band


HP, Wally Dentz, Billy Crain, Bill Hoffman, Tom Capek, David Fiester, Monte Yoho, Barry Rapp, & Jim Fish

Outlaws reunion


HP, Hughie Thomasson, David Dix, Chuck Glass, & Steve Grisham

The Vereens


HP, Henry Gross, & ???



HP, Van Stephenson, & Dave Robbins