China Girl - Righteous Anger - Suspicious Heart

Van Stephenson - The Band - Van Stephenson Memorial Cancer Research Fund

"Oh the tricks the mind can play. I can't forget her, hard as I try.

I keep tellin' myself it's just a matter of time but it's heart over mind."

-Van Stephenson "Heart Over Mind"

"How does a kid from Nashville, Tennessee, the capital of country music, make his way to a recording studio in Los Angeles to record with the finest rock musicians in the world? The answer is: songwriting.

These albums, "Righteous Anger" and "Suspicious Heart", represent my efforts at writing the kind of music I grew up listening to. The band on these records, Dann Huff (guitar), Alan Pasqua (keyboards), Mike Baird (drums), and Dennis Belfield (bass), have gone on to play on the world’s biggest rock and pop albums, as well as their own projects.

Even though these records were made during a very self-destructive period in my life, they still represent an interesting listening experience to myself and, I hope, to others who discover them.

I think these records still sound good, even though they are almost ten years old. Thank you for joining me on a trip back to the 80s, MTV, punk rock, payola and the search for sanity."

Van Stephenson,
Nashville, April 1996


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